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Bluecoat solution deployment order

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  • Bluecoat solution deployment order

    Hi all,

    I have to deploy a security solution made of the following bluecoat equipements:

    2 ASG
    2 MAA
    1 Reporter
    1 MC

    I was wondering about deplyment task orders : what should I start with among main tasks like this :

    Add appliances to MC
    Configure MAA
    Configure reporter
    Configure ASG
    Configure IWA direct and authentification
    Configure clusters and high availability
    connect Reporter to ASG logs

    thanks in advance, any other suggestions are welcome!

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    My take is always to start with the heart of the system, ASG. This is the heart of your system and should be prioritized over others.
    Last will be the MC after all products are done.

    1. ASG
    2. MAA
    3. Reporter
    4. MC