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Is DLP still supported?

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  • Is DLP still supported?

    We have receved a vulnerability notice for some Bluecoat products (SA135) and on there I've noticed the following statement:

    Blue Coat no longer provides vulnerability information for the following products:

    Please, contact Digital Guardian technical support regarding vulnerability information for DLP.

    Are Bluecoat still providing technical support for the DLP or has this been passed over to Digital Guardian as well?

    Is there a specific engagement process to contact DG?
    What is the Bluecoat DLP2700 known as in DG portfolio?

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    Hi Dave,

    In regards to support for our DLP product, at the time of purchase if you signed a support contract with Digital Guardian then they'll be your first point of contact for support. If you have a support contract with Blue Coat, then please contact Blue Coat directly for support. If you are unsure of who your support contract is with please provide your serial number and I can perform a lookup on your account. Feel free to contact me directly at with that information.

    Let us know if you have any other questions.


    Steve Desaulnier
    Community Manager