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Reporter 10, scheduling reports from a unified datbase

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  • Reporter 10, scheduling reports from a unified datbase

    I fear I am missing something simple here.

    We have a reporter appliance. We have a unified database (recently created) - so our reporting is done from management center.

    How does one schedule reports in this configuration? The "view reports" tab in the reporter browser is grayed out. I do not see reporter as a Job type in MC.

    Thanks for any insights...Jim

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    Hi Jim,

    It is currently not possible to schedule reports in Management Center. It's a feature that is coming soon, but is not available as of now.

    Your 'view reports' tab is greyed out because you can only view the unified databases from within Management Center. If your Reporter only has unified database(s), then the view reports will be greyed out like that.

    Even though we know that the feature is coming in a future version, I would highly suggest that you contact your Symantec/Blue Coat SE and ask that they file a feature request on your behalf.


    Senior Technical Support Engineer
    Symantec Network Protection


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      In some way, that makes me feel better. At least it explains why I could not find it.

      Thank you for you quick and timely response.