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Launching Proxy SG console from Management Center - Chrome

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  • Launching Proxy SG console from Management Center - Chrome

    Is there a way to cause MC to use the JPNL Java applet directly when you use the "launch a console" feature? When using chrome, and you select "launch a console", you get to a page, which asks you to download the JPNL file, which you then launch, which works. It's a lot of extra steps.

    If you are running MC in IE, it will just launch the console.

    The proxy SG is one of the few things I still run in IE for this reason.

    At some level I understand why it is this way, but am looking for a workflow inprovement.


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    this has nothing to do with MC, this is a browser issue. Google does not consider Java applets safe enough to run. And Mozilla, Edge and Safari go down the same road.
    There are some hacks discussed out there to force Chrome to still open them automatically. I'd recommend to google for "How to Configure Chrome to Open JNLP Files".
    But be warned - some solutions require you to patch Chrome's .dll files to disable the locks Google has put in place. It might be better to stick to IE

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