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  • Inbound/Outbound Rate change

    Hello Folks,

    I have a requirement to perform changes on the inbound/outbound rates on PS.

    Trying to understand will there be any traffic interruption for performing this change ? Any recommendations ?


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    Hello Vineet,
    My apologies for the late response!

    It is important that the distinction between bandwidth used "per-flow", and bandwidth "collectively shared" among every flow hitting the specified class is understood so that ones expectations about behaviour are correct.

    If you're increasing the size of a partition, the traffic for which you're increasing the size of the partition will simply be allowed access to more of the available bandwidth, and reducing the partition size, again we're just reducing the available bandwidth for the given class and its child objects.

    Partitions are very easy to understand, the guaranteed value is the amount which the given class (and its children) will always have access to, and when not in use will allow the burst of other partitions access to. The burst value will allow the partition to reach beyond its limit.

    If we're actually legitimately talking about a rate policy, we have to keep in mind that every flow in that class will be allocated the specified amount in the guarantee, and the burstable value will be reachable by any individual flow.

    Rate, being per-flow, means we have to be very careful about configuring it correctly. If a rate policy is a child of a partition, there's a hard limit to the number of concurrent flows which can match the given class and have access to bandwidth. the formula will be the guaranteed rate value, divided by the guaranteed partition value. Any flows above than the output to that formula will get nothing.

    So in answer to your question: Simply making a change will not cause an outage, but making the wrong kind of change can cause critical issues. If you're not sure, our support team is always ready to assist.

    Many thanks,