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  • Last Login Info on Packet Shaper

    Hello Expert,

    Just want to know one info, I know how to check UP time of the shaper and I also know how to check boot logs on the shaper. Could i you please help to know ,"how to get last login info on shaper" . Typically I want to who has logged in lastly(using console,GUI,CLI) and what changes he has made on the shaper.

    Also please let me know if is there any way available to check the above things from Policy Center.

    Early action is appreciated.

    Many Thanks in Advance.
    Pawan Harle

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    Hello Pawan,
    Uptime is available through the "uptime" command available at the CLI, and is also presented in the files created in 9.258/diag at a 15 minute interval (at the top, and bottom of each file), so it is possible to see what the uptime would have been over the last 75 hours.
    Change history isn't' something natively available on the PacketShaper, but if you have TACACS+ or Radius configured, then the logs of each of these services will indicate the user who logged in, and when.
    If you're using PolicyCenter and TACACS+ or Radius, in combination with syslog, you'll be able to see who logged into policy center, and what changes were made in the syslog output.

    I hope this helps!

    Best regards,


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      Hello Alex

      Good Morning !
      Thanks for your support .

      Can you please tell us about logging/accounting on shaper and policy center. In our environment, we can login to Shaper directly using IP address (via Radius Auth) and also we can login into packet shaper via Policy center.
      Our purpose is to monitor the login transactions and accounting (who has made what changes and when). Can you please help us to know how we can achieve this.

      Many thanks in advance.